Getting Back To Yourself

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a barely tolerate/seriously despise relationship with the month of October. Three of the biggest knockdowns of my life happened in this month, with two happening on the same day, albeit 7 years apart. I really don’t like to see the month of October roll around, because, for me, it is a reminder of loss and devastation. 

I used to truly hate the month, despite knowing that my little sister, one of the lights of my life, was born on an October Friday 40 years ago this year. Yikes. KJ, you’re getting old.

However, as I have grown, both in age and hopefully emotional maturity, I realize that while those horrible things DID happen and are a part of my story, they are not the END of the story. Yes, I had some horrible things happen. However, I survived. Yes. My parents are no longer on this side of the dirt. However, I am, and I have a life to live, people to love, and policies to change.

Yes, someone lied on me, and it almost ended my professional career before it even began. However, I survived, and regained my reputation with people who had enough sense to look at who I was, and who realized that what had been said could not have been further from the truth. 

Bad things happen. They do, and honestly, it sucks. YOU, on the other hand, have to remember that while bad things happen, good people survive those setbacks. If life has never thrown you a curveball, keep living. If you never get a curveball, consider yourself blessed.

However, if you have ever wondered how you would go on, or whether you COULD go on, and you survived? You know now that you can, and you can overcome anything! My faith and music got me through, and remember that there is something that can get you through too. Something about listening to Jennifer Holliday sing “I’m On Your Side” or Phyllis Hyman sing “Remember Who You Are” moves my spirit, and reminds ME to get back to myself. Snap out of it. Boy, you can beat THIS (whatever THIS is!)

So, today, I invite you to get back to yourself. It is the first day of a new month; it is the first day of a new season. It is the first day of a new YOU.  

Have a great day on purpose, but more importantly: have a great day…ON PURPOSE!

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