People Who’ve Changed My Life – Dr. Greg Carey

To the reader: This is part of a series where I thank the people who’ve changed the trajectory of my life, and want to make sure they know what they’ve done. Dr. Carey was my Professor of New Testament Studies at the Lancaster Theological Seminary (and even served as my Old Testament Professor for a few weeks when the official professor was on emergency medical leave. He’s that good…)

Greg, even though I don’t get to sit in your class weekly, I am still learning from you. Just within the last few months, I actually said “I miss being in your class weekly”, and you responded without missing a beat: “I am available by telephone, you know.” That’s what you do.

A good teacher is a lifelong treasure, and like a liberal arts education, is the gift that keeps on giving. You are my version of Dr. Dennis Dickerson: if I said something stupid, you’d gently correct me and move on. No shame, but no bullshit either. 

There are only three professors I never worry about making a mistake in front of, because I know that they’ll be there to walk me through my error. Congratulations. You’re one of them. 

Thank you for being an amazing mentor and friend…despite being an Auburn fan. 

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