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Rev. Joseph M. Stephenson, Sr.

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Pastor Guy fully believes that all persons who are able to legally wed should have an officiant who will support them on their special day.

Pastor Guy and all members of the team will perform your ceremony: Christian, Interfaith, No Faith At All. At Johnson Weddings, ALL couples are welcome!


The Rev. Guy S. Johnson is the founder of Johnson Weddings. Ordained at the Grace Reformed United Church of Christ in Frederick, Maryland under the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. Robert Apgar-Taylor. He is married to Robert (Bob) Davis, and they are parents of one Furball, Poppins Johnson-Davis.

The Rev. Joseph M. Stephenson, Sr. is a pastor’s pastor, as well as a well-known, award-winning organist throughout the United States. A native Washingtonian and third generation pastor, Pastor Joe was ordained by the Canaan Baptist Church in Racine, Wisconsin, under the pastorate of Dr. E. F. Bridges. He is married to the lovely Camille Stephenson, and they are the proud parents of ten children and three grandchildren.


Q: I’m getting married in Virginia? Can Pastor Guy do my ceremony?
A: Yes! Pastor Guy is licensed to officiate your wedding in the following states: Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, and Illinois. If you are in a state where he is not licensed, let him know, and he will GET licensed there!

Pastor Joe is licensed to officiate in the following states: Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Q: I am not a member of Pastor Guy’s church? Can I still get married there?
A: Yes! However, there are some additional steps that must be taken, including pre-marital counseling. If you are interested in getting married in the church, please let Pastor Guy know, and he will put you in contact with the church’s wedding coordinator.

Q: What’s the cost?
A: There are various factors that go into calculating the cost. We discuss that on an individual basis.

Q: Are deposits required?
A: Yes! That protects your date and ensures that the team does not double book. Your wedding date is not scheduled until the non-refundable deposit is received.

Q: When is the final payment due?
A: Final payment is due 24 hours before the wedding ceremony.

Q: How can I find out more information?
A: Go to Thumbtack and look for his profile. Or…call him and set up an appointment.

Q: We are a same sex couple. Will Pastor Guy perform our ceremony?
A: Yes! Either Pastor Guy or Pastor Joe will perform your ceremony.


Guy did an amazing job for my wedding! He was helpful at every step up through the day of. I highly recommend his officiating services.

– Brandon P. , March 3, 2022

Rev. Guy has been wonderful to work with and very flexible with the planning of the best day of my life. Fantastic person 👍👍

– John C., July 21, 2021

Rev. Johnson was amazing. He did exactly what we asked and made our wedding day perfect. He made us laugh and our guests laugh which was very important to us. If you want an amazing person to make your wedding special and magical make sure Rev. Johnson is there.
– Crystal L., July 14, 2019

Rev Guy was sooo nice and understanding. He helped us throughout our entire journey and even on the day of when we had some hiccups getting to our location. We are soo happy that we chose him for our special day. He made it fun, relaxing, and memorable. I couldn’t be happier with our experience with him!
– Thiane D., May 20, 2019

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